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Giving Back to Our Troops

by Ana Palles

serviceday1108.jpgIt's our turn to give back to our troops, and this year's Service Day Clinic event at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum is our biggest event yet. A true day of service, a number of metro Denver’s best complementary care practitioners are donating their time to support our vets and active duty Service Members. Complementary Care services offered include Acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Healing Touch, Reiki, Chiropractic care, Physical Therapy and others. 

Energy medicine has been growing in popularity largely as a result of patient demand.  In many cancer support circles, word of mouth has been a powerful vehicle for education into these different therapies.  Patients receiving complementary care in addition to their standard medical care often fare much better with the side effects of the chemotherapy and radiation.  Seeing is believing and this has attracted students and volunteers who want to find ways to help family members and loved ones. 

Trauma is another major area where energy therapy has been showing compelling results. Studies underway at Duke University/VA medical center are providing researchers with exciting breakthroughs on Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). Belleruth Naparstek,Psychotherapist and author, has been involved in recent studies involving energy therapies and PTSD. She writes:

The tools that work so well are neither complicated nor expensive. They're interventions that ping on the primitive structures in the brain, where posttraumatic stress sits and wreaks its havoc. These are tools like guided imagery, relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, breath work, acupoint pressing & tapping, yoga, Qigong, Reiki, massage therapy, Healing Touch and more.

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Therapies such as CranioSacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki and Healing Touch offer ways to rebalance, refresh, restore, and reinvigorate. As anyone who has ever been sick or experienced chronic pain can attest, why would you not use any tool in your arsenal to help yourself heal?

One of the main gifts of the Service Day event for our military men and women is the ability to try out different complementary care therapies and experience these directly. This is the best way to understand how they benefit the body. With so many hospitals moving into Integrative Care models, often these therapies are available simply by asking for them.

Some hospitals are more proactive and send their care staff for training in Healing Touch, Reiki and other modes of therapeutic touch to be used as part of general care. Ultimately, we are each our own best guide in determining what is best for our own wellbeing. and it is nice to have the choices available that we have today!

We are excited to play a part in bringing these therapies to our service member families. We will have information available at the event on energy therapy community resources.

We once again send a heartfelt thank you to our veterans and active duty service men and women for their service. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back.

If you're in the Denver area on October 24th, join us at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum for the 3rd annual Service Day Healing Clinic. Call 1 800 799-0768 for more information.