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Happy Holidays!

Silver Snowflake Happy Holidays!

The season of light is fully under way. All of us are scrambling with the hundred and one things we need to accomplish by the last few weeks of the month. At, we’ve been bustling to keep up with the rush of holiday orders. We did not anticipate the high demand especially with some of our newest items, but our team is stepping up to the challenge making sure your meaningful holiday gifts get to you and your loved ones before Christmas.

A lot of families struggle with finding spiritually meaninful ways to celebrate the season. Many families join together to purchase gifts for needy families. There are any number of service organizations in our communities that work extra hard during the holidays to make sure there is food on the table to celebrate this joyous season of hope and new beginnings.

Check our Service Groups for ideas, and don’t forget that Community Food Share and local churches lead very effective drives. We should all consider donating from our bounty at our next shopping venture. It is surprising how very comforting a cup of hot soup and warm bread and butter taste on a cold, winter day.

Christmas for our family has always been about expressing the love we feel towards one another and our friends. Many of you do a beautiful job of expressing that love throughout the year by participating in a variety of service activities.

You volunteer at homeless shelters, contribute to and help assemble holiday food baskets for needy families, you help to build houses with Habitat for Humanity, and you participate in walk-a-thons and marathons for a variety of causes. Many of you play the role of angels delivering beautiful dolls, trucks and basketballs to toy drives such as the Marine Corps annual Toys for Tots program and the local community foundations who know what families could use a few brightly wrapped gifts under the tree. You haven’t forgotten about the sick. You’ve provided cards for wounded soldiers through programs specifically remembering our heroes and their families. And many of you have been helping to make the holidays special for those with a debilitating illness and their families.

To all of you who take the time to think of others and send blessings from the heart, we say thank you for the light you bring. To everyone, a very happy holiday and many blessings from all of us at