How to Work with Moldavite

by Ana Palles

How to Work with Moldavite Moldavite is the Bugatti Veyron of the mineral world. Fast, sleek and beautiful, Moldavite’s tag line might be “Git ‘r done!”

Moldavite is a meaningful stone of choice when you’re ready for change, which is one of the reasons why we carry a lot of moldavite pieces in our jewelry collections. 

It is believed Moldavite is the outer surface of meteorites that melted and fused together upon impact over 15 million years ago, which helped shaped the Bohemian plateau and mountains of the region in Czechoslovakia in which it is found. Moldavite was discovered along the Moldau River in the late 1700’s. Some of the largest finds of Moldavite have occurred in Chlum, Slavce and Besednice.

Others theorize that Moldavite may be a fusion of melted meteor and our own earthly rock vaporizing as a result of the heat and impact of the explosion.

… the resultant gas being propelled high into the atmosphere. This gaseous material would have then cooled and condensed into a liquid glass which ‘rained’ down on the crater and surrounding areas … it is known that Moldavite indeed fell from the sky because of aerodynamic shapes of certain pieces (Robert Simmons, Naisah Ahsian. The Book of Stones. 2005. 253).

Regardless, Moldavite was created as a result of speed and power, and these properties are very evident when working with this mineral. It is an excellent stone to use for physical clearing or spiritual breakthrough and is traditionally associated with the third eye and heart chakras. It is one of the most powerfully active gemstones.

In healing work, Moldavite placed on the body can stimulate fast and effective movement of congested energy in that area. Someone who has had a difficult time moving through emotional heart pain would benefit from using Moldavite over the heart to help move through stuck emotions.

Often physical pain is a result of emotional and spiritual trauma. Many crystal healers use a piece of Moldavite over the aching body part to stimulate release and disperse energy.

Because Moldavite is so active, it is often used for spiritual work. Meditating with Moldavite over the third eye assists in opening the inner sight to visions and inspiration. Sometimes just sitting and holding a piece of Moldavite suddenly triggers a creative solution to a problem. For this reason, I recommend Moldavite for people who are having a difficult time seeing a path forward in their lives.

If you are working with Moldavite to move through obstacles in finding your life path, preparation is helpful. Find a clean, uncluttered, quiet space where you won’t be interrupted for about an hour. Put away the cell phone and dim the lights, or light a candle. Have a journal in front of you and write out your intention or problem statement.

The reason we write it down is so that we can organize our thoughts. I am often surprised when the question I finally formulate is not what I initially thought was the problem I was trying to address. Now that I have it written down, I simply relax and sit in meditation or prayer, holding a piece of Moldavite and open to inspiration and vision. Moldavite helps calm and clear the physical body, and stimulates communication and information centers in the brain, assisting in accessing the spiritual realms.

Last, but not least, Moldavite is a protective stone. There are many legends linking Moldavite with the cup of the Holy Grail. Ancient peoples made Moldavite talismans and carvings gods and goddesses from Moldavite have been found in Neolithic sites.

Given the extreme power released during Moldavite’s creation, it is no wonder that this stone has been associated with spiritual protection and purification. Its extraterrestrial origins have also made it a natural stone for bridging our minds, hearts and vision with the vast potentials of space.

Moldavite is a little pricey but it is a powerful stone to have in your gemstone inventory. I consider it to be one of my essential working stones.


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