Working with Black Tourmaline

by Ana L. Palles

Black Tourmaline Crystals and gemstones have long been used for healing work as well as in industrial applications. The conductive properties of certain stones create a common language between the two applications.

Some minerals, such as quartz, exhibit piezoelectrical properties. This is energy produced by applying mechanical pressure onto the crystal resulting in one end becoming positively charged and the other negative. Piezoelectric materials are often used in electric circuits or as components for frequency-control devices. In healing work, this property is drawn upon when setting up an energetic flow or grid. Healers trained in working with crystals use such patterns to assist with energy circulation and frequency.

A property also found in some minerals, pyroelectricity generates negative and positive electrical charges based on a change in temperature. The application in energetic healing becomes all the more clear here because of the heat generated by energy healing practitioners.

… the pyroelectric effect has been known for 24 centuries—the Greek philosopher Theophrastus probably wrote the earliest known account. He described a stone, called lyngourio in Greek or lyncurium in Latin, that had the property of attracting straws and bits of wood. Those attractions were no doubt the effects of electrostatic charges produced by temperature changes most probably in the mineral tourmaline. Theophrastus and other writers of the two millennia that followed were far more interested in the origin of the stone and its possible therapeutic properties than they were in physical explanations. Two thousand years after Theophrastus, tourmaline's unusual physical properties were reintroduced to Europe through the publication in 1707 of a book entitled Curiöse Speculationes bey Schlaflosen Nächten [or Curious Speculations During Sleepless Nights]. (Lang).

Tourmaline both repels and attracts due to its electro-magnetic properties which is one of the reasons this stone is popularly used in energetic work. In my experience, black Tourmaline is one of the most important stones for eliminating adverse energies and providing protective grounding working with an individual’s electromagnetic field.

Black Tourmaline absorbs adverse energy. During healing sessions, black Tourmaline has been very effective in anchoring the sacred space and providing a form of dampening field when doing extraction work and soul retrieval. It assists with blocking out external intrusions to the work the client is striving to accomplish.

Additionally, black Tourmaline demonstrates protective qualities, helping calm and shield us when we work on difficult and sometimes fear-laden issues. In the past, this stone would have been used to protect against the evil eye or other negative influences.

The young daughter of a friend of mine likes sleeping with a large chunk of black Tourmaline under her bed. Her mother sometimes finds her in bed asleep with the stone held in her hand. The little girl is fascinated with the stone and likes laying it on herself, feeling the energy. Although she has a number of beautiful minerals at her home, she uses the black Tourmaline when she is having trouble sleeping or not feeling well because of her physical challenges. The stone provides her with comfort and a sense of safety.

Similarly, a client who had been a victim of sexual abuse came in for energetic healing work. As you may expect, even though she had sought out an energy healing session, she had great difficulty trusting and feeling safe. We invited her to watch as we set the room for her session, explaining the use of the stones and the cleansing of the space.

She held on to a piece of black Tourmaline throughout the session in addition to having various other stones around and on her. The session was very powerful but the important part was that she felt protected and safe during and after the work.

Black Tourmaline is a must-have stone for any healing work and space setting. It is readily available, and reasonably priced raw pieces offer the same benefits as the cut or polished stones. When there is anger or other explosive emotions in your environment, black Tourmaline maintains a calm radius, making the mineral one of the most important and useful for the home.

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Lang, Sidney B. Pyroelectricity: From Ancient Curiosity to Modern Imaging Tool. August, 2005.