A Herbal House Blessing

by Tonja Reichley

The Elements January is a perfect time to cleanse our personal space to eliminate old energies and make way for the fresh and the new! I have created this ritual, engaging the Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, to invite peace and abundance into our homes. Brighid is a Celtic goddess and, later, a Christian Saint who protects the home and the hearth and this ritual is dedicated to her, as we call upon her protection and blessing.

You can elect to do the entire ritual or select just one or two components. The most important aspect is the intention you set in delivering your cleansing. 


“To Save, To Shield and To Surround
Your House, Your Home, Your Household with Blessing” – Tonja


AIR: Create an incense or use a smudge stick of mugwort, white sage, lavender or another favorite. Recite the following House Blessing as you take the incense to each room of your home.

     May Brighid bless the house wherein you (we) dwell;
     Bless every fireside,
     Bless every wall and door;
     Bless every heart
     That beats beneath its roof;
     Bless every hand
     That toils to bring it joy’
     Bless every foot
     That walks its portals through-
     May Brighid bless the house that shelters you (us).

An incense I have created for Purification and Protection includes the following herbs that you can mix together and then place directly on an incense charcoal.

     House Purification and Protection Incense:

     Lady’s Mantle: representing Brighid’s mantle or protection surrounding us
     Sage (I use the sage from my garden): for cleansing, disinfecting
     Rosemary: for clarity
     Vervain: to invite in the sacred
     Oak: protection and security
     Rose: love
     Thyme: deeply cleansing, anti-microbial

FIRE: Simply light a new white candle and use the candlelight to cleanse the space with all of the intention surrounding fire including transformation, courage, strength and warmth.

Take the candle to each room reciting “We kindle the light of Brighid” and adding your own words as you would like.

Place the candle in a safe place and allow to burn, preferably, overnight.

WATER: Add 10 drops of basil essential oil (for protection and good fortune) to 1 ounce of purified water. With a spring of herb (rosemary or lavender work lovely) or your own hands, sprinkle each room of your home with this herbal water as you recite or chant:

     Deep Peace of the running wave to you
     Deep Peace of the flowing air to you
     Deep Peace of the quiet Earth to you
     Moon and Stars pour their healing light on you.
     Deep Peace, Deep Peace.

EARTH: Buy a new houseplant and nurture it as it nurtures you with clean, fresh air in your space! Leave an offering to the nature spirits (mine are fairies, what are yours?) that protect your space. Fairies especially love whiskey, honey, butter and chocolate!

Tonja Reichley is the owner of MoonDance Botanicals, a beautiful and welcoming European-style boutique located in the heart of Denver. Tonja and her team handcraft wonderful bath and beauty products that nurture body, mind and spirit. Check out the MoonDance Botanicals website for upcoming Spa parties, soapmaking and candlemaking classes among other fun events.

Tonja is an herbalist and enjoys sharing her knowledge to enhance wellness as part of her path of service.