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Soothing Sugilite

by Ana Palles

Soothing Sugilite I love rocks.

I love the colors, the textures and the feel of different stones.

One of the minerals I especially enjoy working with is Sugilite. Sometimes referred to as Royal Lavulite or Royal Azel, Sugilite is a relatively rare semi precious stone. Sugilite comes in a range of colors, most often purple, magenta and pink although it is also found in brown and a quite handsome, grayish blue.

Sugilite was officially recorded and cataloged in 1944 by Japanese geologist Ken-ici Sugi on a Japanese islet. Sugilite has since been found in other parts of the world including India, Canada and in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. The folklore around this mineral is rich and crystologists often use this stone when working for physical healing particularly when involving the heart.

I first worked with Sugilite as part of a meditation exercise several years ago. The instructor walked around and placed small cabochons of sugilite on our foreheads as we lay in meditation. The shift I felt in the depth of the meditation made me take notice. I had started the day with a stubborn tension headache and within a few minutes of laying there in meditation with a piece of sugilite on my forehead, the headache left! I felt so much clearer and lighter. At the end of the exercise, I couldn’t wait to take the stone off my forehead and see what it was. Aftewards, I couldn’t wait for the Gem and Mineral show so that I could pick up my own piece of Sugilite. I now am the proud owner of a number of sugilite stones and jewelry pieces!

Some folks are naturally drawn to Sugilite so I keep a few pieces on hand in my office for my clients. The most common feedback I get is a sweet smile when they pick up the stone and hold it.

“It is so soft and gentle,” they often say. It makes me smile. 

Soothing Sugilite

I think that is what I like best about Sugilite. The deep gentleness which is what I most remember during that meditation exercise. Sugilite attracts and draws admirers to it because of the feelings of comfort and ease it elicits. It is a popular gem for jewelers and carvers.

And Sugilite is also known for its healing properties on mind, body and emotions. Sugilite has been used in the treatment of headaches and in shifting other areas of congested tension. Sugilite is a powerful healing aid that opens us up for forgiveness of ourselves and others. Sugilite is a particularly helpful mineral when we find ourselves questioning our life’s path. It helps us become inspired in new ways and see possibilities that we may not have considered before. I think a lot of this stems from the sense of easy acceptance Sugilite promotes.

I find Sugilite soothing to the nervous system, supporting relaxation in the body while letting our minds explore those inner worlds. Look for Sugilite at your local Gem and Mineral show or favorite shop and pick up a piece. And don't forget to check out our whisperingtree store for Sugilite jewelry pieces. Try holding a piece of Sugilite. You'll understand why I call it soothing Sugilite. Enjoy!

Soothing Sugilite