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Healing Tea

by Ana Palles

Healing TeaTonja Reichley, who owns MoonDance Botanicals in the Capitol Hill area of Denver, makes some powerful and delicious herbal elixirs. She created various formulas, such as a root beer tonic that supports liver health, an immune system booster, a beautiful love elixir with deep tones of rose, and a stimulating peppermint and rosemary blend that refreshes the mind.

It’s marvelous sitting at her antique apothecary counter and sipping these healing blends from beautiful crystal flutes with a plate of fine lavender chocolate at one’s side.

I was so inspired by the many ways that Tonja brings love and nature into everyday moments that I followed her lead. I created a wonderful iced tea for a group of friends that came over for a day of healing work and lunch.

Once we studied energy therapy, we became much more aware of the benefits our work brought to our lives. So, we schedule a day of healing sessions for ourselves about every six weeks as our way of clearing out what needs release, working through our current challenges and becoming more whole. These sessions are intense since there are three practitioners working together on one person at a time, and we take turns.

We set our sacred space – a powerful experience – and call the directions with four people anchoring the space. And so begins our marathon healing day. Six hours later, we are ready to sit down, relax and enjoy a nutritious meal together after a good days work.

My iced tea recipe for our healing day started with rose honey. Rose flowers open and support the heart chakra and the essential oil of rose has one of the highest frequencies of the plant kingdom. Since I have about forty rose bushes (none of them treated with any chemicals or insecticides), I have a steady supply of rose petals all summer. After washing and drying the petals, I simply place them in a jar and fill it up with honey. I wait a week or two for the roses to work their magic and imbue the honey with the flavors of a summer night in my rose garden. I strain the petals and I am left with a marvelous experience for the senses, taste, scent and beauty.

Next on my list was fresh mint and YoungLiving Peppermint Essential Oil. There are few things I find more refreshing on a hot summer day than peppermint. I love the smell, taste and feel of the velvety mint leaves. And with all the healing work we were doing, peppermint was a marvelous rejuvenating boost.

Last but not least, I chose the Republic of Tea’s wonderful Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea. This is one of the most delicious teas I have ever tasted. It has a rich, creamy vanilla essence that caresses the tongue, and coupled with the rose honey and fresh mint, makes for an extravagant experience.

I brewed the tea, a generous pitcher steeping rich amber nectar. After removing the tea bags, I added a few drops of YoungLiving Peppermint Essential Oil, several tablespoons of rose honey, and then stirred. I cut fresh mint leaves from my tiny kitchen garden and added them to each frosty glass.

As we took short breaks in between our healing sessions, we drank deeply from our tall glasses of Mint Vanilla Rose tea. It didn’t take long before the last drops of tea disappeared.

Everyone commented on our relaxed and easy healing sessions. Even though we were all working on heavy issues, somehow the day just flowed with an ease and grace we had rarely seen. One person turned around as she was heading out the door and said, “You know, the tea really did make a difference.” I smiled and sent a silent thank you to Tonja for the inspiration.