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Developing a Healing Touch

hands_reaching_updown_sepia_2.jpgJanet Mentgen, RN, BSN, (1938-2005) founder of the Healing Touch certification program envisioned a future where each home would have a trained Healing Touch practitioner.  After attending the Level 1 workshop, I strongly agree with this vision. 

Janet developed the Healing Touch program and creating a certification body, Healing Touch International, during her nursing career.  Janet saw a need and took action to bring energy healing techniques into the mainstream.  I was impressed with the methodical and thorough program structure, professionalism and level of education provided in the workshops.  And the energetic healing techniques taught were powerful and effective, each building upon the other.

The workshops I've attended are about 20% lecture and 80% experiential, rotating our partners from amongst the class participants.  One section of the workshop was devoted to discussion and hands-on work on various types of physical complaints such as headaches, including sinus, tension and migraine. 

But one of the most powerful workshop sections in Level One was taught at the end of the second day when we learned the Chakra Spread technique developed by a hospice nurse.  The work was so powerful that several members of the class experienced profound shifts.

Best of all, many Healing Touch practitioners in the metro Denver area volunteer with LifeSpark Cancer Resources, an organization that establishes strict standards and guidelines for practitioners and matches cancer patients with both Healing Touch and Reiki professionals.  These teams work with the various area hospitals to offer energy healing on site. It is a phenomenal resource for cancer patients and their families.  I have been very impressed by the Lifespark staff and their commitment to excellence.  Remember to check out their website

I finished the Healing Touch Level One workshop knowing three things: 

  1. I needed to register for the next Level 2 training as soon as possible 
  2. I would incorporate the Healing Touch techniques in my daily work 
  3. I needed to spread the word not only about the training, but about the great volunteer work that is being done by Healing Touch practitioners partnering with LifeSpark Cancer Resources so that more can benefit from these healing offerings.   

These are important and valuable healing methods and the program does a good job of educating us to the ongoing research into energetic healing techniques.  The Healing Touch International website offers updated information on the latest research.  

The National Institute of Health's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) also offers information and awards grants for studies on the effects of energetic healing techniques on various conditions.  Check out their website for news on the latest findings.  For someone like myself, who knows well the beneficial effects of energetic healing, but who is always wondering how and why, the research quenches my thirst for my more left brain needs.

Healing Touch is a grounded approach focused on practical applications for healing.  But be aware that the training and certification program will require a good bit of work.  This is not a casual program, there is a great deal of material to cover, homework assignments and the higher the level pursued, the more complex the requirements for that certification.  I heard one student comment only half jokingly that the workload rivaled that of his Master's degree.

Today, the Healing Touch certification program is offered as part of continuing education credit endorsed by the American Holistic Nurse’s Association (AHNA).

If you are interested in energetic healing, you may want to read Kitchen Table Wisdom or The Will to Live and Other Mysteries, both by Rachel Naomi Remen, a renown psycho-oncologist.