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The Gift of Healing

The Horizon If you've had to experience cancer and its treatment in your life, you know the challenges that are faced on the road to recovery. In recent years, many oncologists have embraced integrative care practices and referred their patients for acupuncture treatments, massage, reflexology and nutritionists to help with some of the symptoms and side effects.

In the Denver area, LifeSpark Cancer Resources, a non-profit organization, is pursuing a vision to serve those with cancer by partnering with traditional care providers to enable greater integration of energy therapy modalities into a more holistic care model. LifeSpark matches cancer patients with an appropriate healing touch provider. Be sure to check out their website and call them for more information.

Remember to take a look at our practitioner spotlights where you will find a variety of complementary care options to explore. Make it a goal this coming year to actively pursue your own wellness. Try out an acupuncture session, a healing touch practitioner or a sound healer. Learn how to meditate, how to breathe in from deep in the earth, how to connect to the light. You might just find that you had nothing to lose and everything to gain.