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Just a Spoonful

by Ana L. Palles

Spoonful A friend was recently commenting on how much better she felt now that she had started taking her thyroid medication again. It wasn’t that she had planned to go without it; she simply hadn’t realized two critical factors to her regimen. One was ensuring that the pills were current and not expired, and the second was that it wasn’t a good idea to keep your pills in a hot tent during your month long camping trip. The slump in her energy levels was so gradual, she didn’t see it coming. In her mind, she chalked it up to the aging process and became even more troubled.

Another friend of mine had a similar experience, she forgot her iron supplements. While normally very much on top of her daily regimen, she simply hadn’t picked up her iron at the store in spite of her doctor’s admonitions to start given the anemia. Since her depleted state occurred slowly over the course of weeks, she had been taking her fatigue in stride, assuming it was how it was supposed to be. With energy levels dragging and even occasional brain fog, she finally made it down the right aisle at the health food store and picked up an excellent bottle of iron supplements. The effects were immediate and extraordinary. After coupling it with B12 shots recommended by her health practitioner, she felt more herself than she had in months.

Gradual changes can be pernicious. We compensate, adjust and keep on moving forward. Sometimes things get pretty bad before we stop and question it. Almost like those squealing brakes in our car. Maybe it’s just some grime on the brake pads, but then again, maybe it’s time for a brake job.

Our bodies need attention and regular maintenance and this includes taking our vitamins, minerals and needed medication. Many of us have a stoic tendency when we don’t feel up to par. Often, men have the most notorious reputation, as we’ve heard many a wife complain, for refusing to seek medical advice or take supplementation. Simple things like a daily multi-vitamin or replacing electrolytes during heavy exertion and sweating, contribute a great deal to one’s overall well being and health.

The important thing to remember is not to take your health for granted. If you are on medication, check for expiration dates and storage requirements. If you are feeling exhausted, don’t put it off. Get in for a checkup with your doctor. Among a variety of things, your doctor will discuss your recent history, your diet and exercise routines and the amount of sleep you get each night.

My friend couldn’t believe the difference that iron supplementation made in how she felt. It was like turning on a switch. Her doctor simply shook her head and sighed.