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Come On In, the Water's Fine!

by Ana L. Palles

At the Beach I volunteered at a healing fair booth for a local shamanic arts school this weekend. Having discovered the manner in which shamanic studies helped me weave an understanding of the various worlds we walk, I wanted to be available to answer questions from a student's perspective.

As one would expect, the fair attracted a variety of attendees with background ranging from the well versed to the hesitant first time guest. I myself have always been somewhat of a peripheral participant, watching and observing, like someone sitting at the shore trying to decide whether to go in. Occassionally, I would be intrigued enough to test the waters with a practitioner to see if there was something to it. In this world that often deals so firmly in intangibles and the difficult to measure, navigating what has worth for one's particular need is an adventure.

With years of observation, I have concluded that there most definitely is something to these disciplines even if at this current time, we cannot explain why something works. It is interesting to see the number and cross sections of groups that have come to this same breakthrough. This is why we see an explosion in the growth of alternative and complementary medicine. It is no longer considered fringe to talk about the healing aspects of therapeutic touch. Some of the more progressive hospitals have been sending their nurses for training in Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and other Therapeutic Touch modalities.

Patients are much more knowledgeable now and have learned to ask their doctors about integrative care. This is the blending of traditional medicine with complementary and alternative techniques. The founder of the Path Home Shamanic Arts School regularly sees clients that have been referred to her from medical professionals, such as psychologists and general practitioners. We've come to understand that healing occurs at multiple levels and there is beauty and perfection in the blending of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual into a healing process focused on achieving wholeness.

Nutrition and herbal supplements are no longer just a concept. We have folded it into our lives with every meal that we prepare and restaurant choice we make. Large companies are racing to get ads out there announcing their new organic options and build their trust with the consumer. We are reading labels and making choices based on our values.

For some of us, this is still a new world to explore. We are unsure what is out there, what might be beneficial for us based on our situation and who are reputable practitioners. You might want to check the community events listing for local events that provide opportunities for exploration. The referral listing section provides information on practitioners that come well recommended and have an established practice operating within a code of conduct framework.

There are a lot of wonderful opportunities and paths for healing and wholeness available to us. With the new science opening doors to concepts that suggest we are multi-dimensional beings, the true magic and opportunities of every day appear boundless. For some of us, the time of walking along the shoreline, sprinting back and forth as the waves roll in is no longer enough. The time has come to move forward and dive in. Don't worry, the water's fine!